Cute Finger Dolls, Family Series!!

Posted by : Yen yen Oktaviani di 02.43

Let me introduce my new product.. Finger Dolls Family Series..
Yippiiii... I think this is really really cute *narsis

They are is : grandma, grandpa, father, mother, girl and boy..
Finger Dolls - Family Series

If you want another person, I can do it for u..
Do you wanna have??? Please contact me..

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Muhamad Septian Wijaya mengatakan...

Tutorialnya dong Mba :)

karji kurniady mengatakan...

cantik :)

Beli Hadiah Boneka Wisuda mengatakan...

Kak, apa ini bisa dijadikan kado wisuda juga, atau sebagai souvenir wisuda kampus gitu?

Seo Review mengatakan...

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